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Mission, Vision, Values Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Liko Puha
Good questions for each department/organization to answer in their own context.
Laura Larque
We need to develop institution's statements regarding: equity, inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism
Michael Von der Porten
Have we changed from Vision at the top to Mission at the top? Makes sense to me.
Araceli Vazquez
A SWOT Analysis is a great way for each department to assess where we are at right now and what we can do to improve as well.
John Stover
I agree with Amy.
Jessica Melvin
Agreed Brenda!
Guy Tillotson
The Sustainability Committee does the "land" statement and an equity statement before meetings. :)
Araceli Vazquez
I agree!
Araceli Vazquez
Also including them in the hiring panels
Kevin Snyder
Well said, Dr. Flyswithhawks!
Brenda Flyswithhawks
Thank you Kevin.
Brenda Flyswithhawks
Thank you Jessica.
Michael Von der Porten
Accountability goes to all three levels - Mission, Vision, Values. The details are in the values. What the current values lack are the terms "honesty" and "truth" for all actions by all SRJC community members at all times.
Thomas Willows
Well said, Norma-Students are ambassadors for SRJC, as well. We are not bound by policy, meaning, we are the voices that the next generation of students will listen too, knowing there is no motive other than “what was the experience like”. The mission statement, is, ultimately about the student body/instructor recruitment
Laura Larque
I agree with Norma, in addition to adding language to the institution's mission. We need to take it into the practice! Most importantly
Matti Cottrell
I would love that. I didn't make it to the groundbreaking, but I do believe we have crossed paths. Please reach out. mcottrell@santarosa.edu
John Stover
SRJC is a community institution made up of diverse faculty and student body, that promotes diversity and inclusionSRJC is proud in its commitment to creating and maintaining an equitable, safe and accessible learning and working environment that promotes academic excellence and supports our community.SRJC is dedicated to educating students for the benefit of creating a sustainable future that isSRJC is committed to a diverse, equitable, inclusive, anti-racist, and sustainable learning community that inspires, empowers, motivates, and prepares the whole person for a globally interconnected world.SRJC changes lives through continuous innovative, inclusive and equitable learning and working environment.
Michelle Vidaurri
We integrated humble too.. so good to hear that